Rachael's UPS Ground Shipping Map

Areas highlighted in green on the map below are eligible for 2-Day UPS Ground Shipping.

eligible areas for ground shipping

Areas that are not highlighted in green are NOT eligible for 2-Day UPS Ground Shipping. These unhighlighted areas include the following ZIP codes:

Texas: ZIP codes 79800-79999 and 88500-88599
• Florida: ZIP codes 32000-32199, 32500-32599, 32700-33699, 33800-34599, and 34700-34999
• Missouri:  ZIP codes 64000-64699
• Illinois:  ZIP codes 60000-61999
• Indiana:  ZIP codes 46000-47599 and 47800-47999
• Kentucky:  ZIP codes 40000-41999 and 42500-42799

If you are shipping to one of the above ZIP codes, your order will be shipped using either UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Next Day Air.

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